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Mark Daniel

Partner, Digital.XYZ

Dani Loftus

Founder, DRAUP & Member, RED DAO

Charli Cohen

Founder, RSTLSS

Laura Du

Founder, We3

Angelic Vendette

CMO & Head of Web3, Alo Yoga

Techsetters, Season 2

Fig O'Reilly

Crypto Investor and Entrepreneur

Alexandra Zatarain

Co-founder, Eight Sleep

Debbie Sterling

Founder and CEO, GoldieBlox

Claire Hughes Johnson

COO, Stripe

Padmasree Warrior

CEO, Fable. Board Member, Microsoft & Spotify.

Bridgit Mendler

MIT Media Labs PhD student, actress, & singer-songwriter.

Megan Smith

Co-founder, Shift7. Former CTO of the United States

Susan Alzner

Co-founder, Shift7 & UN Solutions Summit

Vanessa Hill

Behavioral Scientist and Creator of BrainCraft

Amy Jain

Co-founder & CEO, BaubleBar

Annastasia Seebohm

CEO, Brilliant Minds Foundation

Jana Messerschmidt

Founding Partner, #ANGELS

Trinity Mouzon-Wofford

Co-founder and CEO, Golde

Adam Mosseri

Head of Instagram

Bridget Coughlin, Ph.D

CEO, Shedd Aquarium

Ebony Beckwith

CEO, Salesforce Foundation

Techsetters, Season 1

Joy Buolamwini

Founder, Algorithmic Justice League

Karlie Kloss

Entrepreneur & Founder, Kode With Klossy

Dara Treseder

SVP of Global Marketing, Peloton

Heidi Zak

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Third Love

Catherine "Cady" Coleman, PhD

NASA Astronaut

Vicki Fulop

Co-Founder & COO, Brooklinen

Carol Reiley

AI Entrepreneur & "Mother of Robots"

Deborah Berebichez, PhD

Chief Data Scientist, Metis

Camille Fournier

Managing Director, Two Sigma

Brenda Darden Wilkerson

President & CEO,

Yamilée Beach

CEO, STEM From Dance

Soraya Darabi

General Partner & Founder, Trailmix VC

Peter Boyce II

Partner, General Catalyst

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